Fruit Bowl and Salad RULES, 2015

The very present rules in our daily life were transmuted their function original.Iniciei this project in early 2000. With a blower in plastic hands and plastic rulers experienced the result but the finish still left to be desired. After a few years decided to put the idea into practice but using a new technique and material. Thus sophisticated rules of the finish through the use of glass and Fusing technique called.

The rules are applied to flat glass in the lattice or parallel format, joined by fusing - glass melting technique in the oven at high temperature. The rules are concocted and taken to the oven.

For the shape of fruit pre-existing molds were used. The trusses were concocted and taken to the oven.

The collection consists of fruit / bowls, dishes, and lids.

This plasticity and experimenting with raw materials prompted me to create this collection.

material: cast glass rulers