I find that São Paulo, my native town, is a very instigating place. Observing people in the streets, their attitude and their creativity towards findind out ways to solve their needs has helped me reflect about my work.

Brazil has an exuberant fauna and flora with a rich culture and a unique personality. A melting pot of races has enriched our history and culture.

This ethnic diversity has produced a plural society, which I am part of, and it has directly influenced my world view and my subjectivity.

However, in transgressing beyond the normal use of materials I have sought to reveal personal and collective memories.

In the industrial scene, many Brazilian manufacturers are still working with artisanal labor who still haven’t any advanced technological skills.

However, entrepreneurs have started to regard design as a competitive tool in their business.

I feel that this is a favorable scenario for my design expertise to be fully appreciated and required by small industries, manufacturers and limited series.

I graduated in architecture at Mackenzie University in 2000. In 1999, I attended the ‘Construction of Objects’ workshop, given by Fernando and Humberto Campana. I consider this experience as the genesis of my current work.

Throughout the workshop, I was able to reflect upon many questions besides aesthetics, acquiring a keener eye for the world of product design, within a sustainable view, and finally reaching a personal expression.

A hands-on experience, performing constant artisanal skills, and the permanent search for new materials have become essential features of my design.